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Twitter & Twittermoms

I came across Twittermoms last night and because I was finished putting my child to bed thus waiting on my husband to have sex sitting around aimlessly I decided to log on, obtain said Twittermom account and see what it was all about.

This really sucks to admit but apparently I am not as technically savvy as I wish I was – or as I think I obviously am.

I totally don’t get social networking – I keep wanting it to be more than it is.  I want it to be ‘something’ rather than a place where it seems that everyone’s every move is discussed.   I’ll admit that I’m hooked – I do think that Twitter and Facebook are like crack – they are both addictive.  I mean, where else can you log on and wait to see what admiration you’ve received?  That said, if I get one more peep before Easter I might have to tear the heads off of all the ones ‘hidden’ on my profile.  I don’t even LIKE peeps.   I don’t like their marshmellow goodness – coated with colored sugar.  If I’m going to eat those two things well, I want them in the form of a smore.  Anyway, back to Twittermoms – I’ve been on this site pretty much for 24 hours and I still cannot figure out how to setup my ‘page’ – I’ve added applications, removed applications, and generally just walked around in a cyber circle trying to figure out why people want these applications and what they do for me.  Apparently though I am alone in this confusion because of others I’ve polled they all seem to understand exactly what to do. 

*Sigh*  I’ve decided that t must be me.

Back to Twittermoms to try, try, try again.


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  1. I just joined twittermoms too, and social networking is hard work! I am really struggling over there, but hopefully it will get better! That’s how I found your blog afterall ;o)

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