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The Osbournes & Bathing Suits

Have any of you heard of the new Osbournes show?  I saw the ad this weekend and I TOTALLY want to be on it.  First and foremost because apparently Ozzy IS someone who can 1)  put together two words that actually might make sense and 2) he’s understandable – really!  What about all of those years on the MTV show – man, he MUST have been totally wacked out because I couldn’t understand a damn thing he said on that show.  Can you imagine what it would be like to meet THAT family?  My kids would think I was actually NORMAL after that.  Not quite sure what I would do to get onto the show seeing as how I have no talents to speak of but that’s just trival.   


So, on the job front.


I got the job.   I did.  Of course, not without the normal nightmare that is mine but I’ll take it – it’s more money and god knows we need more of that right now!  Have I mentioned that my children are costing me an arm and a leg lately?  The youngin known as SL has discovered shopping with her friends.  Good news:  they (she and her friends) appear to be able to share money and, like the preteens they are, they can make $20 go farther than any of us could ever think to do.


My YGTBK moment happened Friday.  I went to try on some of my ‘working girl’ (no, not THAT working girl) clothes Friday and found out two things:  1)  I’m too damn fat  and 2)  I’m really really too damn fat.   After a complete meltdown in the closet (complete with cursing, ranting & raving, and acceptance) I went to the big girl store and bought a few new things – in an even bigger size.  The concept of a bathing suit I am just NOT into right yet.


So, the YGTKD moment?  It’s the first vacation I’ll be on in 4 years and I’m afraid, yes, afraid to put on a bathing suit. 


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