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Random (and sometimes not so random) musings from a life that sometimes is but often times is NOT amusing….

Dear Twitter – I’ve become addicted…

Where have you been all my life? The short, sweet, sarcastic tweets – how they make me laugh. During the day at work I feel the lure of the tweet – the IE icon summoning me to click and hit favorites – a short sweet two clicks directly to you. Alas, no. Locked out – turned down – blocked, locked, and noted in the ‘bad website request’ log my request is…

So, like the addictive personality that I am, I try with another tactic and SUCCESS! The big bad filter hasn’t discovered Tiny Twiiter – ahhahahahahah. Twitter is mine again. Giddy, I minimize the browser, smile happily, and get up to go to a meeting – all the time thinking about my directs, my retweets I wish to send, my tweeter friends that I want to check up on…

And then it happens.

I return to find Cruella D’ville standing over my machine glaring at me. The queen of all infrastructure, the mistress of access glaring, staring at my screen with her mouth open.

“Tiny Twitter?” She says with the venom of someone finding pictures of hard core porn looking back at them.
“Yes” I say…unsure what to say next so I am left to just stand there…
And stand there…
And stand there…

Finally, my fear could not be held back any longer.
“I guess I’ll be removing the application?” I say with a small stutter – feeling about 4 years old.
“Oh, of course you will”, says Cruella – “Right NOW – while I watch and you will promise me that you will NOT install such applications again.”
“Yes ma’am”, I say as she stomps out of my office.

Relief floods my being…
Tiny Twitter never fear – like any good lover I’ve found a way to get to you…

On my blackberry.
So take THAT Cruella!


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One Response

  1. Alice says:

    He he he … I guess you’ll show her!!

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