You’ve Got To Be Kidding Right???


Random (and sometimes not so random) musings from a life that sometimes is but often times is NOT amusing….

Maybe if I sit here long enough…

a blog topic will come.

Or maybe not.

I’m still sitting here and it’s been 10 minutes.  No topic yet.  At least not one that I can write on.

Here are the topics that have randomly come into my mind:

1)  How much I’m annoyed about people at work scheduling meetings at 8:00 or even worse 4:30.  I mean, who in the hell does that?  SOME of us have a life – just because you don’t doesn’t mean that I can’t.   I feel like telling them that I will be happy to meet at those times but only if they are willing to come to my house and get my children ready for school or come home with me and make dinner and clean up after but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be very nice.

2)  My annoyance about not having any disposable income.   Then I remember, oh yeah, that’s my fault.

3)  Sex – or lack thereof.  I want to ask my husband if it’s just too much to have sex more than 1 time a week – but everytime I think to ask he’s already asleep.

4)  The HCG diet – I’m totally into finding out if it works – a shot a day and I won’t be hungry?   I’m seriously thinking of just doing it and finding out.  Maybe if I do this #3 will be corrected?  Hummm…not sure but it can’t hurt.

So, there you go – lots of things running through my mind, nothing of which sounds remotely interesting enough to make more than a paragraph about.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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