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Lack Of Meds Makes A Snarky Mama



That was what someone said to me yesterday.  Someone who, I should add, I wasn’t even sure KNEW that word, much less USED it in everyday sentences. 


Of course, the person did have a point.  I mean, I have been snarky lately – what with all the problems I’ve been having obtaining my – I dunno – psychotropic meds.  You know, it would seem to reason that, when MEDCO (ARE YOU HEARING MEDCO?  YES THAT’S RIGHT  – I MEAN YOU!  I  HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAVING TWITS GOOGLE YOUR GODFORSAKEN NAME AND FIND THIS AND KNOW THAT I *HOPE* (MAKE THAT **WISH**) THAT SOMEDAY YOU NEED MEDS AND CAN’T GET THEM – AND THAT I AM THE CAUSE!) gets a renewal prescription for ZOLOFT AND LAMICTAL that they would FILL it or at least NOTIFY you if they could not.  But alas, apparently that is NOT the case with MEDCO because I haven’t had to go every two days for the last 2 weeks picking up pill after pill because they haven’t sent my 3 month supply YET.  Why? And here is a better question – why do I have to get the replacement pills 2 by 2 – I mean, it’s not like these are narcotics – and let’s face it – we aren’t thinking that Noah’s Ark is being built again right now. 



It sure as he** isn’t because of me. 


It is, apparently do to the following reasons:

  • My doctor (who apparently doesn’t understand that HELLO she provides a service ) not calling them back authorizing the renewal of the prescription for which I had already had renewed and faxed.


  • I had two prescriptions of the same medicine and they couldn’t figure out to just fill ONE of them – put the rest of them in a saved file – I DON’T CARE!!!


And this, this is the best reason of all:


They couldn’t figure it out.  *snort*


So here I sit – without my meds for the 14th day.  14 days that I’ve almost crawled out of my skin, screamed at the new people that I work with, and sob uncontrollably over the sad things that have been going on along with some things that aren’t quite up to the level of drama that I am taking them to. 


Case in point:  Twitter  Why in the hell can’t they get their act together and make the stupid application SCALE to the number of users that they have?  Frustrating yes, something to make you throw your blackberry down in disgust – not so much.

 Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a recovering alcoholic.

But that’s a story for another time.




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