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Hey – I’m important enough for Spam – And Other News..

Ah hah!  I’m found by SPAM.

It makes me so loverly feeling inside.

Unfortunately they were all for viagra – which my hubby doesn’t need.  I mean come on guys (they were all guys) can’t I get some ‘different spam’?


Comments That I Can Post – 3

Comments From Spam (which I am considering posting to make myself feel more popular) – 4

Onto other news:

We are on Day Bazillion of the MEDCO saga…

Better yet – is bazillion even a word?  I hope so because I’m usin’ it.

I know that bazillion isn’t even a word and I don’t care – I mean, I’ve been without my psych meds for so long now that when I take them it will be like starting over….

Only without that sick knowledge that I’m in the psych ward and without the Xanax to hold me over.  (Yep, you got it boys and girls that was a fragment – which this is not.)

By the way, Xanax is a really good drug – too bad it’s like alcohol in a pill and that stinky little issue of it being a schedule 3 narcotic is a downer.

PSA for the day:  Never, never take too many Xanax and wash them down with a bottle of chardonnay (no matter how ‘good’ the vintage is)  – for some reason people think you might be just *slightly* crazy.  Xanax + Alcohol = Drunk by Exponential Number – but if you are, in fact, looking to off yourself, well, it’s a pretty foolproof way to do it unless of course someone inadvertently finds you which then can create said detour to the psych ward.

PSA #2:  Make sure that the person (if you are not so serious about that dying thing and thus only using this as a ‘cry for help’) you choose to find you has at least a starter knowledge of psych wards because some of them are really bad and some of them are like, well, a spa.   Note that I did not get the spa option.

Oh, and reference here are the people you do NOT want:

1)      The ‘snarky’ relative discussed above.

2)      Anyone in your husband’s family.  (It would suck for this to be Thanksgiving conversational fodder)

I’m not adding people like kids, etc. because that’s just plain wrong and even while crazy that kind of wrong is just so not cool.

Good Times – Woo Hoo – glad I’ve held myself together though this nightmare.

Said drugs are ‘scheduled’ to arrive TODAY, April 21st….right.

I’ll hold my breath on that one because if I have one more phone call with anyone at MEDCO I might seriously combust which would be really disgusting and if I failed at it would create a really gross mess that I’m sure I would have to clean up.  (Whew, LOVE that run on sentence!)


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  1. but xanax and pinot grigio are fine, right?

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