You’ve Got To Be Kidding Right???


Random (and sometimes not so random) musings from a life that sometimes is but often times is NOT amusing….

I Feel Like A New Person Again

Man, have I been a tad TOO overly opinionated lately.

I’ve also been in a place that I haven’t been in for a long time.

I’ve been a place that has had my recovery hanging on by a thread.

Barely and by my fingernails at times.

Me thinks that there is a correlation between that place and no meds.

Now that I’m back to being med’ed up I’m also back to being overly opinionated …just not as snarky.

One of things that was an outcome of said snarkyness and lack of appreciation of sobriety was a outing of my …ahem… problem.

On Twitter no less.

I had a major case of the ‘oh shits’ when I wrote the offending tweet but since I work at the Fort Knox of fire walled interwebs I was unable to “dump that tweet”  (thank you @f_i_d_g_e_t) as I was instructed to do.  Interestingly even though they have fire walled Twitter, you can get onto web based Twitter clients – go figure.

After my twitfauxpas I took a step back and thought:  “You know, there are a lot of mommy blogs out there but not so many mommy recovery blogs”.  Never wanting to be considered part of a pack I have been struggling with my blogging because honestly, I’m just not that interesting.  At least not since I’ve been sober.  Drunk, I’m a barrel of fun, at least for the first three drinks or so, after that, I’m just mean.

With that in mind I’ve decided to alter the focus of this blog.  I’m sure that I will receive a great deal of ridicule from the mainstream recovery people but honestly, some of my ventures into sobriety have been pretty freakin’ funny.  Some have been heartbreakingly sad – hopefully this blog will be a mixture of both with some ‘real life that isn’t boring’ thrown in.

Scared, yes, I am.

Scared of out my mind that I’m going to be judged and that not nice people are going to say not nice things.

But, here goes…


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