You’ve Got To Be Kidding Right???


Random (and sometimes not so random) musings from a life that sometimes is but often times is NOT amusing….

Have I Done The Right Thing??

Over the past few days I’ve found myself wondering if I’ve done the right thing by taking my blog in a different direction and discussing my life from the perspective of a mother in recovery.  I’ve freaked out a few people.  I really didn’t anticipate freaking anyone out.  I think that, for me, it was pretty obvious that I had a problem with alcohol and I’ve been pretty approachable discussing the subject.

So, to those that still might be a slight freak out mode:

Yes, I am a recovering alcoholic.

Recovering as in greater than 3 years of sobriety.

I’ll carry on now.


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One Response

  1. Amy says:

    You definitely didn’t freak me out. I think it’s great that you can talk about something that most people would hide.

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