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Jobs R Us??

I admit it.

I hate my new job.

With every ounce and fiber of my being.

Old job:  Worked from home (that was a joke) two days a week – Thursday and Friday.  Job responsibilities:  mind numbing tasks.  Note however this was completely and totally overlooked for the work from home benefit.

New Job:  Up to now, hell on earth.  In work, downtown  Must be in by 8:30 cannot leave until 5:00.  Pros however:  more pay (which begs to ask:  who in the HELL cares how long you are there if you are getting the job done – but I digress), bonus opportunities, more visibility, blah ,blah, blah.

I miss my baby.  I miss my big kids.  I miss not having to decide if it’s more important to not cause shit level drama over taking what is perceived as another day off (note that I have 4 weeks of vacation – I guess I’m not suppose to take it) versus going to see my 9 year old be a female Abe Lincoln.  I miss being able to come and go when I wanted and have no one paying attention to me.

Yet again, I am reminded that I do not need to make decisions alone.

Yet again I am reminded that my will and my desires are not always right.

Oh don’t get me wrong.  I labored over this decision – I sought counsel and in the end, of course, I did what wanted.  Why?  Because we NEED more money.  Money to pay off the debt that I drove up while I was umm…otherwise occupied from my sanity.  I feel a sense of serious obligation to pay this debt off and this job will make it easier and quicker to do so (like maybe in 5-7 years versus the not a chance in hell I was previously looking at).

Yes.  It was that much.

And then, in the end I remember one of the main reasons why I took this position.  It’s scary for me to be at home alone all day…with my thoughts…with my superb personal decision making skills.

I know this.

I have yet however to accept it fully.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it.


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3 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    I’m sorry that you hate the new job. I can totally relate, because shortly before going on maternity leave I took a new position because my department at the time was being outsourced and I would have had no job. I took this crappy 3 day, 36 hour a week job working 8pm-8am on thurs,fri,sat. I thought it would be GREAT to be home with my kids during the week and work on the weekends, but honestly…it’s done more harm than good. I’m on my last string of sanity right now, applied for a job working for my old boss (who told me that I was a shoe-in) and then got a call yesterday that someone “more qualified” got the position. How much more qualified than “I worked at this company in this position for 2 years and you wouldn’t have to train me at all” can you get? really? *sigh*

    Anyway… just wanted to let you know that you are not alone on the hating your job thing. I hope that you are able to adjust and start liking it better…I know I’m trying to and it just plain sucks.

  2. Leslie says:

    You need to post something new. Soon. And you need a template to make your blog pretty. These are my thoughts for the morning. Thanks for listening 🙂

  3. Leslie says:

    You still haven’t posted.

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