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Hey – I’m important enough for Spam – And Other News..

Ah hah!  I’m found by SPAM.

It makes me so loverly feeling inside.

Unfortunately they were all for viagra – which my hubby doesn’t need.  I mean come on guys (they were all guys) can’t I get some ‘different spam’?


Comments That I Can Post – 3

Comments From Spam (which I am considering posting to make myself feel more popular) – 4

Onto other news:

We are on Day Bazillion of the MEDCO saga…

Better yet – is bazillion even a word?  I hope so because I’m usin’ it.

I know that bazillion isn’t even a word and I don’t care – I mean, I’ve been without my psych meds for so long now that when I take them it will be like starting over….

Only without that sick knowledge that I’m in the psych ward and without the Xanax to hold me over.  (Yep, you got it boys and girls that was a fragment – which this is not.)

By the way, Xanax is a really good drug – too bad it’s like alcohol in a pill and that stinky little issue of it being a schedule 3 narcotic is a downer.

PSA for the day:  Never, never take too many Xanax and wash them down with a bottle of chardonnay (no matter how ‘good’ the vintage is)  – for some reason people think you might be just *slightly* crazy.  Xanax + Alcohol = Drunk by Exponential Number – but if you are, in fact, looking to off yourself, well, it’s a pretty foolproof way to do it unless of course someone inadvertently finds you which then can create said detour to the psych ward.

PSA #2:  Make sure that the person (if you are not so serious about that dying thing and thus only using this as a ‘cry for help’) you choose to find you has at least a starter knowledge of psych wards because some of them are really bad and some of them are like, well, a spa.   Note that I did not get the spa option.

Oh, and reference here are the people you do NOT want:

1)      The ‘snarky’ relative discussed above.

2)      Anyone in your husband’s family.  (It would suck for this to be Thanksgiving conversational fodder)

I’m not adding people like kids, etc. because that’s just plain wrong and even while crazy that kind of wrong is just so not cool.

Good Times – Woo Hoo – glad I’ve held myself together though this nightmare.

Said drugs are ‘scheduled’ to arrive TODAY, April 21st….right.

I’ll hold my breath on that one because if I have one more phone call with anyone at MEDCO I might seriously combust which would be really disgusting and if I failed at it would create a really gross mess that I’m sure I would have to clean up.  (Whew, LOVE that run on sentence!)


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Lack Of Meds Makes A Snarky Mama



That was what someone said to me yesterday.  Someone who, I should add, I wasn’t even sure KNEW that word, much less USED it in everyday sentences. 


Of course, the person did have a point.  I mean, I have been snarky lately – what with all the problems I’ve been having obtaining my – I dunno – psychotropic meds.  You know, it would seem to reason that, when MEDCO (ARE YOU HEARING MEDCO?  YES THAT’S RIGHT  – I MEAN YOU!  I  HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAVING TWITS GOOGLE YOUR GODFORSAKEN NAME AND FIND THIS AND KNOW THAT I *HOPE* (MAKE THAT **WISH**) THAT SOMEDAY YOU NEED MEDS AND CAN’T GET THEM – AND THAT I AM THE CAUSE!) gets a renewal prescription for ZOLOFT AND LAMICTAL that they would FILL it or at least NOTIFY you if they could not.  But alas, apparently that is NOT the case with MEDCO because I haven’t had to go every two days for the last 2 weeks picking up pill after pill because they haven’t sent my 3 month supply YET.  Why? And here is a better question – why do I have to get the replacement pills 2 by 2 – I mean, it’s not like these are narcotics – and let’s face it – we aren’t thinking that Noah’s Ark is being built again right now. 



It sure as he** isn’t because of me. 


It is, apparently do to the following reasons:

  • My doctor (who apparently doesn’t understand that HELLO she provides a service ) not calling them back authorizing the renewal of the prescription for which I had already had renewed and faxed.


  • I had two prescriptions of the same medicine and they couldn’t figure out to just fill ONE of them – put the rest of them in a saved file – I DON’T CARE!!!


And this, this is the best reason of all:


They couldn’t figure it out.  *snort*


So here I sit – without my meds for the 14th day.  14 days that I’ve almost crawled out of my skin, screamed at the new people that I work with, and sob uncontrollably over the sad things that have been going on along with some things that aren’t quite up to the level of drama that I am taking them to. 


Case in point:  Twitter  Why in the hell can’t they get their act together and make the stupid application SCALE to the number of users that they have?  Frustrating yes, something to make you throw your blackberry down in disgust – not so much.

 Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a recovering alcoholic.

But that’s a story for another time.



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Maybe if I sit here long enough…

a blog topic will come.

Or maybe not.

I’m still sitting here and it’s been 10 minutes.  No topic yet.  At least not one that I can write on.

Here are the topics that have randomly come into my mind:

1)  How much I’m annoyed about people at work scheduling meetings at 8:00 or even worse 4:30.  I mean, who in the hell does that?  SOME of us have a life – just because you don’t doesn’t mean that I can’t.   I feel like telling them that I will be happy to meet at those times but only if they are willing to come to my house and get my children ready for school or come home with me and make dinner and clean up after but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be very nice.

2)  My annoyance about not having any disposable income.   Then I remember, oh yeah, that’s my fault.

3)  Sex – or lack thereof.  I want to ask my husband if it’s just too much to have sex more than 1 time a week – but everytime I think to ask he’s already asleep.

4)  The HCG diet – I’m totally into finding out if it works – a shot a day and I won’t be hungry?   I’m seriously thinking of just doing it and finding out.  Maybe if I do this #3 will be corrected?  Hummm…not sure but it can’t hurt.

So, there you go – lots of things running through my mind, nothing of which sounds remotely interesting enough to make more than a paragraph about.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Madeline Spohr

Who, exactly, is Madeline Spohr?

That was the question that my husband asked me this morning when I told him I was upset about Madeline Spohr passing away late last night. I hesitated before responding that I didn’t really KNOW the family in real life but I that I have twittering with Heather since I ‘drank the kool-aid’ and joined Twitter (and he knows that I haven’t been ‘at’  Twitter long)  but that I have been reading The Spohrs Are Multiplying for a while (in a valiant attempt at showing….well, I don’t know what I was trying to show).   Hubby promptly looked at me like I was nuts (which is nothing strange I might add) and said that he just didn’t understand why I felt like I ‘knew’ people whom I only communicated with over the internet.

After much argument about the question: “How do you define ‘know’? I had to admit that I don’t really know Heather, Mike, or Maddie.

Or do I?

What is there to know about Heather other than her wit, her love for her family, and her frustration over the medical system that I need to KNOW before I can call her a friend?  I mean, as a fellow parent of a preemie, doesn’t that alone give us the right to bypass all of the superficial shit and go straight to commiserating? After receiving the tweet last night with Maddie’s status I had an uneasy feeling. At midnight or so I tweeted someone who I thought might have an update…no response. I was hoping beyond hope that when I woke up this morning I would see a tweet that was along the lines of “man that was a pain in the ass but Maddie is doing great now” but I didn’t.

Instead I saw this:


Tears began to stream down my face – they have continued to do so every so often throughout today.

So, to ask the question from this morning again: “Do I know Heather, Mike, and Maddie?”

Yes, yes I do, regardless of anyone who feels otherwise.  Know that today I am thinking of you all and *wishing* desperately that bad things didn’t happen.  I may not ‘know’ you in real life but as someone who had read your posts during and after your pregnancy I’ve grown to feel like I ‘know’ you – and I’m heartbroken.

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Dear Twitter – I’ve become addicted…

Where have you been all my life? The short, sweet, sarcastic tweets – how they make me laugh. During the day at work I feel the lure of the tweet – the IE icon summoning me to click and hit favorites – a short sweet two clicks directly to you. Alas, no. Locked out – turned down – blocked, locked, and noted in the ‘bad website request’ log my request is…

So, like the addictive personality that I am, I try with another tactic and SUCCESS! The big bad filter hasn’t discovered Tiny Twiiter – ahhahahahahah. Twitter is mine again. Giddy, I minimize the browser, smile happily, and get up to go to a meeting – all the time thinking about my directs, my retweets I wish to send, my tweeter friends that I want to check up on…

And then it happens.

I return to find Cruella D’ville standing over my machine glaring at me. The queen of all infrastructure, the mistress of access glaring, staring at my screen with her mouth open.

“Tiny Twitter?” She says with the venom of someone finding pictures of hard core porn looking back at them.
“Yes” I say…unsure what to say next so I am left to just stand there…
And stand there…
And stand there…

Finally, my fear could not be held back any longer.
“I guess I’ll be removing the application?” I say with a small stutter – feeling about 4 years old.
“Oh, of course you will”, says Cruella – “Right NOW – while I watch and you will promise me that you will NOT install such applications again.”
“Yes ma’am”, I say as she stomps out of my office.

Relief floods my being…
Tiny Twitter never fear – like any good lover I’ve found a way to get to you…

On my blackberry.
So take THAT Cruella!

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Admission – I have a crush on Glenn Beck….

I have an admission to make..
I have a crush on Glenn Beck.

Know that this goes against EVERYTHING that I’ve ever believed and I blame my husband. It’s indoctrinated me into FOX news and Glenn Beck is, unfortunately, all that I’ve been able to stomach. Another admission – I’ve even set him up for daily TIVO.
How did I go from my constant companion, CNN to FOX? Have I really sold out that much? Have I really become….one of them? Why, oh why Glenn do you have to be the voice of reason? Why can’t you be – I don’t know, Anderson Cooper? Why can’t CNN have someone who is actually putting blame where it lies – with those that are MAKING the laws?

That said Glenn I have some requests:
– Please, don’t wear shit brown. It’s not attactive on you. I much prefer you in blue – maybe red. You are working the jeans – keep those too.
– Please, pretty please – whatever you do – don’t cry. I don’t like men who cry.

Enough said.

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Hell, It Froze Over

Hell froze over. 


They always say:  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but in my opinion it’s not that elitist – I mean sexist.  My ex has (is working towards had) some serious fury towards me.  I would like to say that it was completely without merit but …


I would be lying.


So, you could have knocked me over with a stick yesterday when I got a phone call that started the thaw of the artic tundra.  He, HE was asking for my assistance with the children.  ME!  To say that I was shocked is an understatement.  Usually we go into full scale battle over any issue.  I say tomato, he says ‘what the hell are you talking about?”.  


It usually only goes downhill from there.


This time however it didn’t and I didn’t have my chip out that censors my responses!  Damn, I’m growing UP!  Finally, at 42!  Let’s just say that I immediately seized onto this opportunity.   


Not to disappoint though I will admit though that it took an inordinate amount of restraint not to not to tell him “I TOLD you so”…..  

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The Osbournes & Bathing Suits

Have any of you heard of the new Osbournes show?  I saw the ad this weekend and I TOTALLY want to be on it.  First and foremost because apparently Ozzy IS someone who can 1)  put together two words that actually might make sense and 2) he’s understandable – really!  What about all of those years on the MTV show – man, he MUST have been totally wacked out because I couldn’t understand a damn thing he said on that show.  Can you imagine what it would be like to meet THAT family?  My kids would think I was actually NORMAL after that.  Not quite sure what I would do to get onto the show seeing as how I have no talents to speak of but that’s just trival.   


So, on the job front.


I got the job.   I did.  Of course, not without the normal nightmare that is mine but I’ll take it – it’s more money and god knows we need more of that right now!  Have I mentioned that my children are costing me an arm and a leg lately?  The youngin known as SL has discovered shopping with her friends.  Good news:  they (she and her friends) appear to be able to share money and, like the preteens they are, they can make $20 go farther than any of us could ever think to do.


My YGTBK moment happened Friday.  I went to try on some of my ‘working girl’ (no, not THAT working girl) clothes Friday and found out two things:  1)  I’m too damn fat  and 2)  I’m really really too damn fat.   After a complete meltdown in the closet (complete with cursing, ranting & raving, and acceptance) I went to the big girl store and bought a few new things – in an even bigger size.  The concept of a bathing suit I am just NOT into right yet.


So, the YGTKD moment?  It’s the first vacation I’ll be on in 4 years and I’m afraid, yes, afraid to put on a bathing suit. 

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Back At Work – Still Waiting….

Update On Twitter & Twittermoms:  I still don’t get it but I haven’t given up yet.  I setup some folks to follow and some are following me back – I’m  not sure what I’m suppose to write though so I’m still winging it for now.


In other news:  Vacation:  Well, it looks like we might take one.  I say might because I am shocked at what folks want for their palaces in this economy – it is definitely one of those you’ve got to be kidding, right?  moments.  Neverfear though, I will find something that will work – I hope. 


In other news – I’m still waiting on the job information.  Still waiting – after 3 weeks with the vague promise of something good to come.   I hope this job is worth it since I’ve spent a great deal of time worrying about whether or not I will get it. 


If you get a moment and are of a praying sort, please take a moment and pray or think good thoughts for my friend N and her gestational surrogate K – they suffered a loss last week and are feeling very down.  😦  I hope that things look up for N soon and that they have a successful IVF this time around.

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Twitter & Twittermoms

I came across Twittermoms last night and because I was finished putting my child to bed thus waiting on my husband to have sex sitting around aimlessly I decided to log on, obtain said Twittermom account and see what it was all about.

This really sucks to admit but apparently I am not as technically savvy as I wish I was – or as I think I obviously am.

I totally don’t get social networking – I keep wanting it to be more than it is.  I want it to be ‘something’ rather than a place where it seems that everyone’s every move is discussed.   I’ll admit that I’m hooked – I do think that Twitter and Facebook are like crack – they are both addictive.  I mean, where else can you log on and wait to see what admiration you’ve received?  That said, if I get one more peep before Easter I might have to tear the heads off of all the ones ‘hidden’ on my profile.  I don’t even LIKE peeps.   I don’t like their marshmellow goodness – coated with colored sugar.  If I’m going to eat those two things well, I want them in the form of a smore.  Anyway, back to Twittermoms – I’ve been on this site pretty much for 24 hours and I still cannot figure out how to setup my ‘page’ – I’ve added applications, removed applications, and generally just walked around in a cyber circle trying to figure out why people want these applications and what they do for me.  Apparently though I am alone in this confusion because of others I’ve polled they all seem to understand exactly what to do. 

*Sigh*  I’ve decided that t must be me.

Back to Twittermoms to try, try, try again.

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